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Re: For Sale - Pristine Tasmanian Wilderness

Postby bogholesbuckethats » Mon 16 Mar, 2020 4:46 pm

Fed Govt tight-lipped on $3M for private project in Tasmania’s World Heritage Wilderness
Taxpayers will stump up half of the cash towards the estimated $5.9 million to build six huts on a track in the Tasmanian World Heritage Wilderness.


THE Federal Government is refusing to release the details of a multimillion-dollar grant made to a private developer seeking to build huts in a wilderness area under a discredited grants scheme.

Taxpayers will stump up $2.95 million towards the estimated $5.9 million to build six huts along the South Coast Track in the Tasmanian World Heritage Wilderness.

The developer behind the award-winning Maria Island Walk, Ian Johnstone is negotiating with the State Government for the exclusive rights to build and operate the huts under the controversial Expressions of Interest process.

“It provides a new opportunity for people to walk in this remarkable wilderness in safety and without having to carry a heavy pack,” the project blurb says.

The grant was provided under the Regional Jobs and Investment Packages program — another federal government grants scheme which has come under fire for “administrative shortcomings” by the Australian National Audit Office.

Greens Senator Nick McKim has attempted to uncover details of the grant through the Senate Estimates Committee process, to no avail.

“The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science who manage the grant agreement on the Department’s behalf advise that they cannot provide a copy of the application and/or the grant agreement without the other grantee’s consent unless required or authorised by law or Parliament to disclose,” came the reply to questions.

Senator McKim said “the Liberals don’t understand the value of public spaces, public money and public accountability,” he said.

“Tasmanians deserve to know the terms of the agreement. After all, it’s their land that’s being privatised, and their money the Liberals are giving to a private business.

“We already know this money came from a fund that did not follow the rules.

“To claim ‘commercial in confidence’ as an excuse for not releasing this information is laughable. The entire EOI process was deliberately designed to be secretive and anti-competitive from day one.

“The cloud around the EOI process is damaging the tourism industry and risks turning away ethical investors.”

The National Audit Office found a panel of Coalition government ministers declined RJIP grant applications recommended for approval by bureaucrats — and approved many which were not recommended.

The initiative was designed to create jobs in key regional areas, including in Tasmania.

Around $27 million from the $220 million national program was allocated to 49 projects in Tasmania.

The marginal seat of Lyons received 53 per cent of the Tasmanian funding, while the safe

Labor-held seat of Franklin received 10 per cent. No grants were made in the safe, independent-held seat of Clark.

Around 25 per cent of Tasmanian projects recommended for approval by departmental officers were rejected by the ministerial committee.
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Re: For Sale - Pristine Tasmanian Wilderness

Postby weetbix456 » Mon 16 Mar, 2020 7:20 pm

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Re: For Sale - Pristine Tasmanian Wilderness

Postby Nuts » Wed 22 Apr, 2020 6:19 pm

"The key thing here though is that the assets that we have - the fantastic wilderness, the beautiful scenery, the Tasmania that so many of us for a long time took for granted but is now acknowledged around the world as being just such a fantastic location to visit - that will remain," Mr Gutwein said.
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Re: For Sale - Pristine Tasmanian Wilderness

Postby johnrs » Thu 23 Apr, 2020 10:51 am

This whole thing reminds me of Queensland back in Bjelke Petersens day.
Mates state, cronyism, dubious opaque process, private beneficiaries, alienation of public assets
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Re: For Sale - Pristine Tasmanian Wilderness

Postby stepbystep » Sat 09 May, 2020 6:24 pm

FYI - media release today re Dove Lake viewing shelter. God knows how the best view of Dove Lake could possibly be from inside a building :shock: No wonder they don't want us visiting - it would be uber inconvenient. Anyone living within 30km, please go and take some photos!

9 May 2020

Roger Jaensch, Minister for Environment and Parks

Work begins on Dove Lake viewing shelter

In a boost for local jobs, work has now begun on a new state-of-the-art all-weather viewing shelter at Dove Lake that will offer visitors breathtaking views of the lake and iconic Cradle Mountain.

Construction of the new shelter is being undertaken by Devonport-based Vos Constructions, with the building designed by Cumulus Studio Architecture- delivering 73 direct and indirect jobs at a time when they are needed most.

Now is an ideal time for work to start on the new Dove Lake Shelter so that we can continue to deliver high quality visitor experiences in our parks and wilderness areas into the future.

Significant Infrastructure projects like this are vitally important and will provide contemporary facilities for locals and tourists to enjoy, while supporting our building and construction industry through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Once complete, the Dove Lake Shelter will integrate with the new Cradle Mountain Gateway - offering visitors world-class facilities at the entrance to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA).

The new shelter will incorporate a walker registration and information area, interpretive materials, a landscaped courtyard, toilets and a bus shelter with a turning circle.

All work on the project is required to include new social distancing and personal hygiene measures to protect workers and contractors on site, with work expected to be complete by mid-2021.

The project is part of the Tasmanian Government’s $26.8 million commitment toward the development of the Cradle Mountain Master Plan.
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