Jukes success thanks to naturelover

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Jukes success thanks to naturelover

Postby LeftRightShoot » Mon 27 Jul, 2020 1:05 pm

Just wanted to say thanks to naturelover for my recent success at Jukes. I was walking solo and sat atop that chute having not read the blog. I read "the book" and a report by rockmonkey who is much more nimble over rock than I ever was. Here's and excerpt from my report:

"On the road by just before 5am and hitting the trail at 9. Found a good pad and things seemed to be going well. Lost the cairns and ended up on some steep rock resulting in a nervous downclimb. Once on the knife-like ridge I *thought* the idea was to bypass the peaks to the left but that just wasn't possible. Up I climbed on to the very pointy finger and that's where I saw what was to come, two more "fingers" before the saddle and the real climb to Proprietary Peak. My vertigo clicked in and I felt weak at the knees and I was sweating adrenaline. I nervously made my way over the the third finger and looked at the chute I was supposed to downclimb. S**t. 4m drop with only one step and a less that 100% chance of getting back up. Im alone. Im screwed. S**t. I sat there for ages with one part of my brain telling me to "stop being such a wuss" and the rational part saying it will be here another day. I gave up. Tears. Started walking back to the car but had one last rest and realised I had signal. The Abels book just said "be careful" here however I found a blog from ages ago where another person was in the exact same position as me. After some poking around I found a (still pretty scary) scramble around and then once in the saddle proper, I went left around the outcrop as originally planned. The rest was steep but uneventful. Great lesson in not giving up vs summit fever..."

The way around is to the north and about 50-60m back from the chute. I wouldn't consider this area in bad weather or low-vis.
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