Bit of good news.

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Bit of good news.

Postby wildwanderer » Fri 03 Sep, 2021 8:24 am

Not much and short term but considering the state of the world I'll take good news where I can find it.
Our action in reducing ozone depletion is, in the short term, offsetting some of the impacts greenhouse gases are having on summer rainfall systems in the Southern Hemisphere.

international efforts to limit ozone depletion had also gone a long way in "avoiding" larger temperature rises across the globe. ... /100425964

Completely anecdotal and probably not influenced by the above but I have noticed rainfall has increased around the Sydney basin and blue mountains the last two years.

Creeks that rarely had water now have flowing water again. I hope this trend continues not only for the sake of the broader environment but it's nice to have more water available when bushwalking.

I'm sure many in NSW can relate to sourcing water from solitary pools meerly inches deep in what once was flowing creeks. And that's after searching up and down the creek for 1/2 an hour!
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Re: Bit of good news.

Postby Nuts » Mon 06 Sep, 2021 9:36 am

Just need the likes of DuPont to give the green light and more positives to be had :)
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