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A place to share systematic reviews of bushwalking equipment, services and idea.

Forum rules

Forum rules
This is a place to share fair and systematic reviews of gear. Share the good, bad and ugly as well as including how you tested it and reviewed the gear. This is not the place to carry on about a bit of gear that failed, sometimes good gear has a lemon - this is more about systematic reviews. Although this can be a way to help gear manufactures with feedback, this is not the place to hassle them or ask for money back.

Start each thread with
[tag]Brand, product, RRP in AUD. The tags have two parts the type of gear and type of testing/review. eg
[Sleeping bag | Unboxing] Kmart Summit Hooded $29
[Stove | Field test]Jetboil, flash $150

Suggested review types. Unboxing, field test, 1 year on, stress test, teardown.
If someone else has already reviewed the same product in a similar method then please use the initial thread to include your review. Please note if the gear was provide to you for free, loan, discount or if you paid full RRP.
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Keen boots lace hooks problem

Fri 20 May, 2016 4:27 pm

[Keen, Gypsum Mid women's boot $150-200]
I want to get opinions from people who have Keen Gypsum Mid women's boots. I bought a fantastic pair in October 2014, (Brindle/Midnight Navy). The lace hooks at the ankle locked off the laces, enabling them to easily be tied tightly. DO YOUR KEEN BOOTS DO THIS?
Because of a stitching issue I had to return these boots to Keen and get a replacement pair (after only 3 hikes). The new pair (Olive/Slate Rose) do not grip the laces at all! This makes it nearly impossible to tie them very tightly. I just want to know if other people have the lock off so that I can tell Keen that I am not wrong and the new boots are different.

Re: Keen boots lace hooks problem

Sat 28 May, 2016 7:02 pm

I have the Targhee Mid II in the men's model. And yes, the lace hooks do lock off the laces as you have described.
Hope that's of some assistance.

Re: Keen boots lace hooks problem

Sun 29 May, 2016 8:40 am

My Keen Gypsum Mids mens lace hooks hold (lock?) the laces so they can be tightened. If you used thinner laces they wouldn't hold.
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