[Massdrop Klymit UL Wide/Long Mat RRP$99 AUD] Review/Ramble

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[Massdrop Klymit UL Wide/Long Mat RRP$99 AUD] Review/Ramble

Postby Ms_Mudd » Mon 07 May, 2018 12:34 pm

After banging on and using most of my posts so far lamenting my eternal struggle to find a mat that I was comfortable sleeping on, I had to post a review of my knight in shining armour who I will happily go to bed with anytime. Will update after many more nights spent in the sack with 'him'.

Introducing my bedmate, who I have named 'Kermie' (he is green), the Klymit UL :D wiiiiide :D /long mat that was released via Massdrop only.

It arrived the other week, I picked it up at the PO on my way home from a pretty intense 24km day walk, of course I had to blow it up immediately and I promptly fell asleep on my loungeroom floor. It passed that test with flying colours.

I still was not sold on it, the loungeroom floor test was not sufficient, so I took it out on the weekend for a real world test.

There are two flat valves, one marked inflate, other one on the opposite corner is a quick deflate. It was quick and easy to inflate for such a large mat, perhaps 10 asthmatic possum wheezes at the most. It deflates just as quickly as the S2S mats.

The 20D outer material feels very robust and not at all crinkly, after a night on it, I can confirm it does not sound like I am sleeping on a chip packet. The R value is 4.4. Overnight temp on the weekend were about 3C and the mat, once I had settled in for the evening seemed to be toasty under me. I was a bit concerned as there are voids in the V shape baffles. Klymit states these voids allows a sleeping bag to fill and loft for insulation, I worried that these would prove to be 'cold spots' for a quilt user like me, but my worries were unfounded as it felt uniformly warm and comfortable to lie on. Be interesting to use it when it is really cold.

The 65cm width is bang on for me, love it and had my knees right up side sleeping and did not even feel close to going over the edge of the mat.
The length is too long for me,which I knew would be the case. However it actually did fit in my solo tent. It was stable to sleep on and had pre-existing silicone dotting on the base so it didnt slip around/kink away from me and touch the walls of the tent like other long mats have, so probably not really an issue other than carrying excess grams in a length I don't need. At around $100, I am reasonably happy to take to it with scissors and a hot iron to shorten, hopefully bring the weight down a bit too.

Oh on weight, it aint light. It is 730g, but I hope by chopping it to have it closer to maybe ?550g. I find that acceptable for a good nights sleep. I have spent too many uncomfortable nights and know that if I am to carry more weight, this is the item that needs it for both my happiness and everyone else's....no more forum members need to hear me whine and carry on about my sleep set up!

So, there it is,the initial testing- long may Kermie and I spend blissful nights together.

I will link to it at massdrop as there are images there, but can take photos if needed,it is still sitting out from the weekend, was just being lazy and letting the pre existing photos do the work for me.
https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-k ... tralight-v

Edited to update title to correct format and fixed typos while I was at it :-)
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