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Aldi vs Darche tarp poles

PostPosted: Sun 30 Sep, 2018 4:52 pm
by Neo
Aldi $12 vs Darche via Wildearth ~$25

They are 95% the same.

Differences are the Darche has a knurled spigot/pointy end and the rubber foot is slightly more ribbed.

The Aldi version is new today so not fully tested. They are obviously the same product. My Darche pole has been fine. One time the twist lock mechanism wouldn't grab due to being completely rained on. But then I got it to work. At the moment my Darche pole has a dent close to the foot which can upset the internal locking mechanism. Should be able to tap it out/panel beat it to fix that.

$12 vs double retail. Pole goes from 900 to 2300mm.

Something I've noticed with Aldi stores is the neighbourhood demographic, some stores still get the outdoors type gear but the is plenty left!

ATM for this pole, think it came out Saturday if the NSW long weekend so go get some.

(trimmed my kit, no scales onboard :) )

Re: Aldi vs Darche tarp poles

PostPosted: Thu 04 Oct, 2018 6:42 pm
by Mark F
Neo - Thanks for putting me onto the Aldi ones. For car camping I have a few older Aldi poles that are two section and quite awkward to pack into my Forester due to their length. The three section ones are much easier to deal with.

Re: Aldi vs Darche tarp poles

PostPosted: Thu 04 Oct, 2018 9:14 pm
by Neo
Ya the 3 piece is convenient, around 900mm at its shortest.